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Take a look at some of the services we offer to Town and Parish Councils.

We work closely with your counsellors and team to tailor the accountancy support/services you require.

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Here are some of the public sector services we offer, which can be tailored  to suit the needs of you local council. 

Fee Protection Insurance

Fee Protection Insurance pays for additional accountancy fees in the event your business is investigated by HMRC. Many accountants charge extra for this insurance but we provide it free of charge with other relevant services.

Terms and Conditions Apply


Stay on top of your record keeping throughout the year.

Let us take care of the books so you focus on running your business.


If you're an employer, make sure that your staff are paid correctly. Payroll service includes:

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Real Time Information (RTI)


Automatic Enrolment

Staff Pensions 

Annual Governance &Accountancy Return (AGAR)

We can take care of your council's AGAR, in line with up-to-date regulations. Giving your team peace of mind to focus on looking after your community.

Cloud Accounts Setup

More and more town and parish councils are now turning to cloud accounting solutions.

Setting up your account to get the most out it can be daunting but we can take the stress out of it for you. Let Rosevale Accountants get you you ready to hit the ground running with your cloud accounts. We can prepare you software and give you guidance so you are ready to manage your finances, invoices, expenses, bank reconciliation and instantly share your data with us.

Cloud Accounts

Connect your online accountancy app or software with us and have peace of mind my that you cloud accounts are taken care of.

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Online Portal

Access all of your documents in one place with a personal online portal. Your portal allows you to view and sign documents from us including your tax, accounts, contacts as well as other relevant information we share with you.

An online portal is automatically set up for each of our clients for FREE as part of our service to you.